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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Restaurant Review - Highland Kitchen

“I pass Highland Kitchen every day on the way to work.”

“It’s really good…we should go Saturday.”

“Really?  It’s good?”

That was the conversation my wife had with one of our friends.  So yes, we went to the Highland Kitchen on Saturday.  Cathy and I have been a few times, and have never been disappointed.  Last Saturday was no exception.

Admittedly, it looks kinda divey on the outside.  However, the inside is very nice, lots of wood, a big blackboard on one of the walls that gives all of the specials, and a well stocked bar.  They also happen to play really good music.  Best of all – for me, anyway – a gluten free menu, gluten free beer, and very good food.

Usually, four or five of their appetizers are gluten free, but I decided to go with their always gluten free vegetable soup.

For dinner, I went with one of the specials, which was pork short ribs.  The meat was just barely holding on the bone…it was cooked beautifully.  It came with Kale and roast potatoes, both of which were also done great. 
Our friend got the half roast chicken, which also happens to be gluten free.  The chicken – which I have had several times - is tender, full of flavor, and very juicy.  It comes with a side of sweet potato hash.  I am not a huge sweet potato fan, but I happen to really like this side dish.  I will try to make this in the future.

For dessert, all three of us shared chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top.  The pudding was nice and thick, much, much better than anything you would get in a container at the store.  And really…isn’t everything better with whipped cream?

“Wow, I never would have thought this place would be this good!”

Well, you can’t judge the book by looking at the cover, and you can’t judge the Highland Kitchen by looking at the outside.

And to prove the point, watch this...

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