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Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Open Letter To Donatella Arpaia

Dear Donatella,

Hi! It’s me, Mike.  I hope everything is going well for you!

I just wanted to let you know how much fun it was meeting you at the Mohegan Sun Wine Fest. 

The evening started out great.  Typically, my wife Cathy and our friend Jan sit at a table, while Leslie and I get food and wine, and bring it back to share.  (If I can, because, as I had mentioned to you, I am gluten sensitive so I need to be REALLY careful!) 

Anyway, Leslie and I had a great time getting some fantastic food from Chefs like Kim Canteenwalla, Mary Ann Esposito, Betty Fraser, Christopher Coombs, Michele Ragussis, and so on.  There was even a table of entirely gluten free desserts.  Leslie and I love to speak to all of the Chefs, if only for a few seconds, and they are all accommodating.

But for some odd reason…I get shy whenever we go to your table.  The same thing happened last year.

While standing in line, Leslie said to me, “So what if I say…”

“No, don’t say anything.”

“But what if I just tell Donatella…”

“No, stop!”

“Okay Mike, I won’t say a word.”

I, of course, should not have trusted her, but it was still a shock when Leslie said, “Mike really likes you, but he’s scared to tell you.”  To which you replied, “Oh, really?”  The blood immediately rushed to my face, out of embarrassment, I’m sure!  I tried to make small talk by telling you that I follow you on Twitter.  Then you said, “Would you like to take a picture?”

Not thinking straight, I immediately thought a picture of you, but then I realized you had graciously offered to take a picture with me. 

I had mentioned that I probably could not try your meatball, because I am gluten free.  You then told me that you are coming out with a gluten free pizza dough.  You told me to tweet out our picture, which I did, at the same time telling those who follow me that you are coming out with the gluten free pizza dough.  And then you re-tweeted “Just For You.”  I mean, really…how cool of you to do that!

I’m not sure you knew it or not, but you also tweeted out a video, which I am right in the middle of.  Are you flirting with me?  I mean, we ARE both married!

Donatella, I don’t know if you will read this, but just in case you do, I just want to thank you.  You turned a very fun night into something extra special for me.  You are truly a very classy person, and I will always appreciate the kindness you showed me.

Thanks again!


P.S.  You don’t happen to know Paul McCartney, do you?  Because, if you could introduce me to him, my life would be complete!

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  1. Great piece....and I'm hoping that Donatella wrote back to you privately (some things should stay off of social media!). McCartney and his wife have a lovely home on Long Island, NY...which is where Donatella went to high, you never know! Keep on falling in love for chefs, and keep on cooking!