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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gluten Free North End Series - Benevento's

The next restaurant in the Gluten Free North End Series is Benevento’s.  I must say, this restaurant was an absolute delight.

On Yelp, they get 3 ½ stars.  Not great, but I am determined to try as many restaurants in the North End that serve gluten free Italian food as I can.  All I can tell you is, the food was delicious and the service was great.

I started off with the Mussels Marinara.  I love mussels, and in general, I love dishes like this.  The mussels were juicy, and cooked well, not rubbery at all.  But the star of the dish was the wonderful broth.  The mussels are cooked in white wine, garlic, butter, diced tomatoes, and then their wonderful robust marinara sauce.  A real winner.  And then came the first surprise.

The waitress came over and asked how it was. I told her I wished I had some bread to sop up the sauce.  She said, “Hold on.”  Five minutes later, she came out with a gluten free pizza crust that the Chef had put some butter and some herbs on and cooked.  So I was able to sop up that perfect broth.  The gluten free pizza crust/bread was served in a separate tin to prevent cross contamination.

As for my entrée, I had their Bolognese, which uses beef, pork, and veal.  This Bolognese was a little different than the others I’d tried so far in the North End, as the others had a smooth, almost velvety texture.  The sauce here was kind of chunky; similar to the way I make it at home.  The gluten free pasta they used was quite good, cooked al dente and spot on.

Finally, I ordered a gluten free pizza to go.  I ordered the Spukone, which has sweet Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil.  It was very similar to Bertucci’s Sporkie pizza, which used to be my favorite until I went gluten free.  Again, this was cooked in a tin to prevent cross contamination.

So all in all, it was a wonderful meal.  I would go back again, no doubt about it.

And now that you are in the mood for Italian food, here’s the late, great Alex Chilton singing Volare.

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