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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Gluten Free Romantic Meal

White.  I’m beginning to hate the color white.

This makes things uncomfortable in my home as there are many walls that are white.  But, really…I’m beginning to hate white, because white is the color of…


For those unfamiliar with the plight of us New Englanders, we have had over 100 inches of snow this year.  Of which 95.8 inches have fallen in the last five weeks.  The bay outside of my window is ice covered, and that ice is covered in…


For Valentine’s Day, Cathy made reservations at Rialto in Cambridge.  I could not wait to eat at the Jody Adams restaurant.  We almost didn’t go, because of…


Now, luckily, the snow didn’t get bad until later in the evening, long after we were home.  However, I had to have a backup plan, so after looking up some “romantic” recipes, I adapted one for our tastes, and here is what I did:

First, in a pan I melted butter product (I was okay using butter product for this dish) and added a bit of olive oil.  Then, I put in a couple of garlic cloves, chopped, and some red chili flakes.  After a minute or two, I put in ½ can of peeled whole tomatoes along with their juice.  (Here’s a tip I got from Rachael Rae:  Instead of squeezing the tomatoes by hand, put them in the pan whole, and then gently use a potato masher.  It worked really well, as juice didn’t fly all over the place!) I reduced that until it thickened.  Once thickened, I put some white beans into the sauce, along with some white wine, letting that cook a bit.  Meanwhile, my gluten free Schar pasta, was almost done. 

 I added some shrimp and a little bit of the pasta water and let that cook for a couple of minutes.  I reserved some pasta water, drained the pasta, put it in the pan with a bit more of the pasta water and coated the spaghetti.  You can see the result below.

This was an easy, quick meal, and very tasty.  Using the butter product cut down on the fat a bit, and overall, it was a successful dish.


  1. That looks spectacular! What is 'butter product'? Is it like 'American cheese food'?

  2. Lol! Sometimes I use a "butter product" instead of regular butter depending on whether I want to cut down the fat and calories. I use a butter spread that has butter in it, but also olive oil. So I call it butter product.