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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gluten Free Restaurant Review - Blue Ginger

I admit it…

I…am an iPad addict.

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is get my iPad fix.  Same goes when I get home.
My wife understands as she’s addicted to her iPhone.  But that’s mostly because she never gets to hold the iPad.

That being said, we both know when it is not appropriate to get our fix.  Restaurants for example.  Of course, we take them out to take pictures of the food we are served.  But other than that, we don’t touch them when we are at a restaurant, like when we were at Blue Ginger.

I mention this because in the middle of our dinner, a couple came in with their kids.  I’d estimate the kids to be about 13 and 16.  They were talking loud enough to hear some of the conversation…like how the mother said "all children" are on Adderall.  I thought that was an interesting comment.  During the conversation, however, the phones never left anyone’s hands.  The parents, the kids…oh except when the parents had some wine.  They put the phones down to take a sip…sometimes.  But mostly, it was phone city.

Which is a shame, because I don’t think they ever paid attention to the wonderful food they were served.  I, of course, was served from the extensive gluten free menu Blue Ginger has.

My starter was a wonderful beet salad.  The amazing earthy flavor they have, along with the creamy tanginess of the goat cheese and the crunchiness of the greens, made for a perfect combination.

My entrée was the Sake-Miso Marinated Sablefish, which is also known as Butterfish.  I had only had this fish once before, in Seattle.  I now understand why it is called Butterfish, at least I think I do.  This fish simply melted in my mouth like butter, and was very possibly the best fish I have ever eaten.    It was served with sticky rice and some stir-fried vegetables.

As for dessert…I have no pictures.  Why?  Because I ordered the gluten free donuts.  I mean, most of the gluten free donuts I’ve had in the past were disappointing.  I can assure you, these were not.  And so I ate them before I realized I had not taken a picture.  If you go to Blue Ginger, and you see these on the menu, please don’t hesitate to order them.

Blue Ginger takes food allergies very seriously, so you will feel safe ordering gluten free here.
As for our next table neighbors, we left them, still looking at their phones.  I hope they can go to phone rehab, I think they need it.

I also had the pleasure a week or two later of meeting Ming Tsai.  He is a very nice, charming person and hit a was a awesome meeting him.

Now…where is that iPad?

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