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Monday, September 2, 2013

I Thought Like A Chef

A week or so ago, our friend Jan gave Cathy and I some beautiful mild banana peppers from her garden.  I thought to myself, “What should I do with these?  I could put them in some type of sauce…or I could stuff them!”

Why not?  People stuff bell peppers all the time.  Why not banana peppers.  But stuff them with what?

Well, we had some Rao’s Fra Diavolo sauce in the fridge…why not try something Italian?

My stuffing consisted of ground turkey, some diced onion, and two cloves of garlic, some of the Fra Diavolo sauce, salt and pepper and some gluten free Italian breadcrumbs.  I simply cut the banana peppers in two and stuffed them.

I cooked them at 350 degrees for ½ an hour but when I inserted a thermometer into the mixture, it only registered at 151, so I let them cook for another 10 minutes.  The thermometer registered 170, so I knew it was done.

When I went to the store, I thought the asparagus looked pretty good, so I blanched some for about three minutes and put some of the sauce on them as well.  I also tried to fancy up the plating…not very successful…perhaps I was a tad overconfident.

As for the taste, it wasn’t bad.  You had some heat from the sauce, and the Italian seasoning from the breadcrumbs, which perked up what could have been a bland dish.  I think, if I were to make this again, I would add some more salt and some more Italian seasoning to make the flavors come out even more.  In addition, the fat content was quite low.

But to me, the real victory was no recipe use.  I saw an ingredient, decided on some flavors that I thought might be good with it, and went for it.  And the result, while not the best thing I ever cooked, certainly wasn’t bad.  In fact, I’d say it was pretty good.

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  1. You are right--the real victory is that you didn't use an established recipe! Congratulations on thinking like a Chef here. I would like you to be more confident in your cooking....there is no harm in admitting that this was good. Look at your last two paragraphs are being very apologetic (not sure why): "it wasn't bad", "not the best thing", "certainly wasn't bad", "pretty good"..

    You have real reason to be proud!

    As for the is an idea: Google the words "food plating techniques" and you will find a bunch of stuff to use for reference. Remember: plating is also thinking like a Chef!

    Keep on giving yourself credit, and Keep on cooking!