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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restaurant Review - Deluxe Station Diner

My luggage broke.

The zipper pull on my luggage broke when I was in Las Vegas.  Luckily, I have Briggs and Riley luggage.  Although it is very expensive, it is guaranteed for life.  My luggage is approaching 15 years old and the luggage pulls have both broken over the last year, and have been replaced for free.

The only issue is finding a place semi-nearby to take the luggage to get fixed.  Leather World in Newton will do that!  Perfect!  It just happens to be one block away from one of my favorite breakfast places:  The Deluxe Station Diner.

The Deluxe Station Diner is the sister restaurant of the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown.  I prefer their restaurant in Newton.  Why?  Well…the booths.  See, the seats in the Watertown location are often…broken.  The seats are often held together with Duct Tape, and you feel the springs coming up through the seats.  Regardless, the food is quite good at both places.

They do not have a gluten free menu, but they do accommodate.  Let me tell you about three items that I have gotten there.

First, I love their corned beef hash and eggs.  No canned stuff here!  This is their homemade corned beef hash.  Nice sized chunks of perfectly seasoned corned beef that isn’t overly greasy in your mouth.  You can get the eggs any way you want, but I prefer them sunny side up, so when you cut into the yolk, it almost creates a creamy sauce that mixes with the corned beef. 

For those of you who need a maple syrup fix, they have Rhode Island Johnny Cakes.  Not being originally from New England, the only thing I knew about johnny cakes was there was a mobster in the Sopranos who was gay.  He left the mob and was having an affair with a line cook at a restaurant.  Apparently, this line cook made unbelievable johnny cakes.

As described on their menu, johnny cakes are made with stone ground white cornmeal.  They are wheat and dairy free, and as a bonus, they are low in fat.  They have the same general taste as cornbread, but they have a more intense flavor, and they have a crunchier texture than cornbread.  They are good but I will say they suck up maple syrup pretty fast, so you may need to keep adding more…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  

These are the two items I usually get.  However, a few months ago, we met some friends there and one of them raved about their Southwestern Omelet.  It is a two egg omelet that is filled with their homemade chili.  I have a favorite omelet that is filled with chili at another restaurant so I was anxious to try this one.

I was prepared to not like it.  Surprise!  It was quite good.  The chili was a little more tomato based than I normally like, as it had chunks of tomato in it, but it had a nice chili flavor that was a bit on the mild side.  The sour cream and guacamole came on the side.

For you all gluten-eating people, Cathy says that their various flapjacks and Challah french toast are delicious.  In addition, the coffee is quite good, and they have big mugs.  The service is always pretty good.

So if you want to meet sometime for a good breakfast, to paraphrase Mickey Dolenz, take the last train to Newton and I’ll meet you at the Deluxe Station Diner.

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