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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Restaurant Review - Blue Moon Grill

My wife Cathy and I love to go out for breakfast on Saturday.  Quite often, we search various web sites to find interesting new places to eat breakfast.  It’s our favorite meal of the day, and after eating healthy Sunday through Friday; we’re itching to indulge a bit.  And quite frankly, it’s cheaper than eating out for dinner. 

Many times, I am limited to omelets.  Not that I dislike omelets, mind you.  I have had some tremendously flavorful omelets.  But sometimes, I just don’t want to have an omelet, but I still want to go out for breakfast.  Sometimes, I just want…pancakes!  And when I want gluten free pancakes, I go to the Blue Moon Grill in Wakefield.

The husband and wife team of Nancy and Vinny Chiuchiolo owns the Blue Moon Grill.  They are open for breakfast and lunch, and according to their website, serve breakfast all day.

When you go out to dinner, the person waiting on you will bring a basket of bread, or maybe pickled vegetables.  You never get anything for breakfast, right?  Not here!  Every table gets a small bowl of fresh fruit.  Very nice touch!

I’ve had many things to eat at Blue Moon Grill, but yesterday, I went for the gluten free Blueberry Bliss pancakes.  What’s a Blueberry Bliss pancake?  Well, they take their gluten free pancakes, and cook them with blueberries, dollops of cream cheese, and brown sugar cooked right into the pancake.  The flavor is savory and sweet all at the same time.  Folks, to paraphrase Alton Brown, I’m not saying these pancakes are the best things in the world for you; I’m just saying these pancakes are the best things in the world!

During a visit a couple of months ago, I asked our waitress to bring me something that she thought was the best gluten free item they make.  Out came gluten free eggs benedict.  So here’s what they did.  They poached an egg, and put that on top of some spinach and a tomato slice.  Then the whole thing sat on top of a silver dollar pancake.  The egg was seasoned well and perfectly cooked with a runny yoke that was hot, but not blazing hot so you would burn yourself. 

All of the their pancakes can be made gluten free.  For your full gluten friends, my wife has had the pancakes and the crepes, and loves both of them.

In addition, the service has always been great whenever we’ve gone.

According to the dictionary, the definition of bliss is supreme happiness.  I call bliss the Blue Moon Grill.

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