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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gluten Free Registry

So, the other day, I wanted to find a restaurant that served gluten free chicken parm, so I went to the Gluten Free Registry, and….
What?  You never heard of the Gluten Free Registry?
Okay, the Gluten Free Registry is a MUST favorite site on all of your computers and your mobile devices.  Why?  Simply because it is a gluten free person’s guide to Gluten Free Restaurants, among other things.
For instance, say you want to go to dinner some place in Burlington.  You won’t have to guess what restaurants have gluten free food options, and what restaurants don’t.  How awesome is that?!  They also have reviews, so your friends who aren’t gluten free can have good food as well.
And if you discover a place that offers gluten free food, but isn’t in the registry?  You can add it in and share your experiences.
This site is important to anyone who is gluten free or friends with someone who is gluten free.  Check them out!

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