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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Restaurant Review - EVOO

Okay, let me just come right out and say it: I Love EVOO.   The owners use local, organic and sustainable ingredients.  The menu changes daily, so you know everything they cook with is fresh.  And I think the owners are awesome. 

I went to EVOO for years while they were in Somerville, and a couple of years back, they moved to a new location in Kendall Square.  EVOO was the first restaurant that I went to when I discovered I had gluten sensitivity, as I trusted Chef/Owner Peter McCarthy to take care of me.  Needless to say, he did.  EVOO does not have a gluten free menu, but they do accommodate.

Last night, my wife Cathy and I went out with friends, Leslie and Jan.  Cathy and I have not been eating dinner out nearly as much as we used to, so we hadn’t been to EVOO in quite a long time, and I was excited to go.  It is Restaurant Week in Boston, and I couldn’t wait to look at the menu.  For an appetizer, I zeroed on the mussels and potatoes in a green Thai curry broth. 

Sometimes curry can blow your pallet away so you can’t taste anything the rest of the meal.  This curry had just the right amount of spice and just the right amount of heat to enhance the mussels.  The mussels were very meaty and succulent.

The entrée I had was a chicken dish that had an enchilada and sweet potatoes, in a red chili sauce. Now, our waitress told me that the sauce had some soy sauce in it.  She told me that for every five gallons of sauce, there were three tablespoons of soy sauce.  Our waitress told me they could do something else…as I said, they are very accommodating, but I made a quick calculation and figured if they put a quarter cup of sauce on my plate, there would be a little less than ½ a teaspoon of soy sauce.  I decided to go for it.  (REMEMBER: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!)

The chicken breast was served with the skin on and cooked perfectly, moist and tender. The enchilada, made with a corn tortilla, had goat cheese in it, and was unlike any enchilada I had ever had before. The slaw that came with it added a nice crunch for texture.

For dessert, I had two kinds of ice cream, pistachio and salted caramel.  I would show you pictures, but I ate it so fast, I never had a chance to take the picture.

So, EVOO, I’m so happy to say I still love you, and we need to see each other more often.

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