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Sunday, March 18, 2012

We take a timeout from the story of my gluten free life to tell you about a store and a product.  I mean, my profile does say I love food.

The first store – at least that I found – that was able to give me any real information is a small family-owned store in Danvers.  My Low Carb Life specializes in two different things.  First, obviously low carb items, but second, gluten free items.  I highly recommend a visit there.  They sell lots of different products, and they can give good sound advice as well.

While looking in their store one day, I came across a gluten free jelly roll, specifically a lemon jelly roll.  I LOVE lemon!  So, I took a chance.

This jelly roll has ended up being one of my favorite desserts!  It is made by a company in Randolph called ALLCANEATFOODS Ltd.  As it urns out ,they have a bakery and a café!  I will be trying the café soon and will give a full report.

In the meantime, you must try this jelly roll!

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