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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am gluten free

I am gluten free.

Mind you, I am not a Celiac.  I was "diagnosed" as having a gluten sensitivity just over four years ago. 

The purpose of this blog is not to preach about the virtues of being gluten free.  In all honesty, I give myself a little "cheat" every now and then.  I don't recommend that.  That is my personal decision.  I'll tell you in the future how I get away with it (not pleasant...but on occasion worth it.)

So what is the purpose of this blog? 

One of the purposes is to tell you my story.  We all have different stories about how we ended up gluten free, and they all are pretty interesting.  Mine is a little least I think it is.

The other is to give back.  I found a TON of information on gluten free products, restaurants, and other assorted information along the way.  Heck, I'm still learning!  So if reciprocity is the key to learning, who am I not to join in the fun!

Does Boston need another gluten free blog?  As Becky from Gluten Free Boston and Beyond wrote to me when I asked her that question, "...the more resources available to people, the better"

So here's my first suggestion.  Check out Becky's blog.  There is some awesome information on it.

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